Partitiona System

Guaranteed for 10 years against visible sagging from the date of installation of ceiling board as long as the material is installed and maintained under the conditions set forth below:

  1. Do not commence installation until the building is watertight and dry.
  2. Flooring, plastering, aluminium glass window must be closed and air-conditioning system have to be completed before installation.
  3. The ceiling board shall be installed in areas free from excessive humidity, chemical fumes, freezing temperature before vibration.
  4. installation shall be done under the conditions of the relative humidity and temperature ranges 90% RH and 40'c.
  5. The ceiling board shall not be installed in exterior applications, where standing water is present or where moisture comes in direct contact with the ceiling.
  6. The ceiling board shall not be affected with direct moisture such as leaks or condensation during and after installation.
  7. The ceiling board shall not be used to support any other materials.
  8. The ceiling board shall be mechanically suspended properly and shall not be cemented or glued to the surface of any other materials.
  9. prior to installation, the ceiling board shall be stored in a dry and clean area, enclosed and protected from possible damages by rain, snow, excessive moisture and also protected from possible impacts and kept at least one meter off walls. stack the ceiling boards flat on the floor level with protective panels or sheets between the ceiling boards and the floor.

S-310/S-312/S-315 (Pin Point)L S-510/S-512/S-515 (Fissured) L
S-810/S-812/S-815 (Plain)L  

S-312A/S-315A (Pin Point) S-512A/S-515A (Fissured)
S-812A/S-815A (Plain) S-51536 (Fissured / 36 cube)
S-51506 (Fissured / 6 line) 3L-500 (Embossed / expossed keel)
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